Annual Rituals

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Tierra Nueva Halloween

We have many traditions and events at Tierra Nueva involving young and elders alike. Here’s an outline:

January: On January 1 each year at 9:00am, residents go to Pismo Beach and run into the water (in bathing suits) to celebrate New Years Day. Then they quickly run out of the water, stand around taking photos and brrrrrr-ing and eventually make their way back to their cars. Then at 11:00am they have a potluck brunch in the Common House.

Easter: An Easter egg hunt is usually arranged in the Serenity Garden.

July: On July 4, we have a potluck BBQ and then gather on the Village Green for fireworks when the sun starts going down. Someone brings the large Tierra Nueva wooden sign behind the carports in the dog run, lays down the sign and we lay out the fireworks for a great display!

October: We have an annual Day of the Dead event. Halloween – The little kids often Trick or Treat around the neighborhood!

November: Thanksgiving- Usually there is a potluck Thanksgiving dinner in the Common House organized by folks who are in town.

December: We have a Hanukkah gathering, and we buy a Christmas Tree to display in the Common House at around the beginning of the month. Decorations are stored in the television room. A holiday celebration party is arranged that has included a potluck and a White Elephant gift exchange.