Holidays in Cohousing

Aside from maybe a hot summer day basking in the sun with neighbors on the Village Green, nothing beats the holiday season in cohousing. Here are our annual rituals, starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s Day…

If you’ve attended a Progressive Dinner, then you know how enjoyable it is to walk from home to home, enjoying different foods and surprises. Our Halloween night here at Tierra Nueva cohousing starts with an appetizer at home #1, a salad next, main course at the third home, and finally dessert. Halloween progressive dinners are not only a chance to socialize and spread good scary cheer, but we also get to show off our Halloween costumes!

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Of course, the children go trick-or-treating around the community as night falls!

About Thanksgiving dinner, Alicia says, “this year our Thanksgiving Potluck Tierra Nueva 2014Thanksgiving Potluck was so special! I just loved the energy. Some of our members went off to visit friends and family members out of town, while many or our residents gathered in our common house and brought their family members and dear friends to join in. It was such a warm feeling for us all to get to know each other more. I was one who had dinner else where, while my dear partner, Phillip, ate dinner at Tierra Nueva. We both had fun in our different ways. The gathering of folks from here and beyond in gratitude gave a particularly sweet dimension to meals at TN!”


Hanukkah Party
Our annual Hanukkah celebration is a special event attended by everyone!
group party lights 500

Holiday Party
Our holiday party rocks! We get together for white elephant gift giving, and sometimes Santa Claus shows up!

Polar Bear Dip January 1
“The polar dip is epic! It sets the tone for an adventurous and fun-filled year!” -Maren
Polar Dip 2014