About Tierra Nueva

Completed in February 1999, Tierra Nueva Cohousing is a 27-unit complex consisting of passive solar single and multi-story duplexes and single family homes. Our community features a common house, avocado trees, and gardens on 5 acres in Oceano, California. We are adjacent to the town of Halcyon and about 18 miles from San Luis Obispo, essentially the center of the California Central Coast.

We are a community that operates on consensus.

Homes in Tierra Nueva Cohousing are passively solar and clustered around a common house. The land and buildings other than the individual units are held in common by the Tierra Nueva Homeowner’s Association. An association fee, separate and in addition to individual mortgages, covers the costs of maintaining the common holdings.

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What We Like About Living Here

We exist because each of us desires a greater sense of community, as well as strong interaction with and support from our neighbors, fostering tight social bonds we feel are lacking in many neighborhoods. We meet for business every other Monday, we socialize frequently, and we work on our land together when possible. We have spent many hours laying the ground work for the mores, customs, and rhythms of our future community, and we are always excited to meet new friends. We truly hope that you will investigate living in community, as we have witnessed for ourselves the multitude of benefits community living brings to our lives.

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