Statement of Community Principles (2000)

Care for the Environment

1. We participate in and support community efforts toward increasing environmental sustainability. These efforts include the use of organic methods in landscaping adn vegetable gardening, conservation of the avocado trees and open space, recycling, the elimination of toxic materials, and the use of sustainable forms of energy whenever feasible.

Common Space and Private Space

1. We respect and care for community property and are aware of others’ feelings concerning the use and maintenance of common open space and common facilities.

2. We respect each other’s needs relating to private property and to privacy in our homes, including needs for visual aesthetics and quiet.

3. To enable this mutual respect for both private needs and common facilities, individuals take responsibility for making their needs known to other members of the community.

Community Relationships and Responsibilities

1. We respect the community’s diversity in age, gender, cultural, spiritual and political values, owner or renter status, sexual orientation, racial origins, physical and mental status. We listen attentively to what people say, both at meetings adn in daily life.

2. We respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries and, when appropriate, take individual responsibility for making these boundaries known.

3. We attend community meetings and participate in the consensus decision-making process, and we openly express ideas and feelings relating to community issues.

4. We encourage that when individuals have a problem that can affect the community, they will make a strong effort to openly communicate with each other, and avoid making negative statements to third parties. We also encourage the two parties, if necessary, to invite a third party to act as mediator. As a final resort, they can bring the issue to a community meeting or to the Home Owners Association Board.

5. We each are responsible for completing her/his fair share of ongoing community work tasks, including Common House cleaning, grounds maintenance work, cook and clean teams for Comida Nueva (our community meals program), and tasks listed for scheduled Work Days. Some flexibility can be expected because of individual physical capabilities or not participating in Comida Nueva meals.

6. We contribute our individual skills and energy to the community by participating in committee work and other special community efforts.

7. We pay money owed to the community, such as monthly Home Owners Association fees, in a timely fashion. If problems in paying arise, we discuss the problems with an HOA Board member ahead of the due date, so that a resolution can be reached.