Tierra Nueva Cohousing Group Photo

This information should serve to inform you about who we are from a particular set of angles, but meeting us personally and attending our events (dinners, meetings) will really allow you to get to know us.

These demographics are for informational purposes only and are not meant to communicate a need to match our current membership!

Our members are photographers, artists, a software engineer and retired professionals. We have stay-at-home moms who never seem to be home, and we have a tattoo artist, a flutist and an accountant. We have students, school administrators and teachers.

Our members are like people in your neighborhood – they have a variety of interests and very interesting professions that they put their hearts into.

As of June 2015:

Adult females = 24
Adult males = 17
Children = 14
Total ~ 55

Households with children – 6

2 residents rent rooms within owned homes
3 homes are rented

Currently, a number of cats roam our property, 3 birds live inside, many hens live in cages in the orchard, and 5 dogs are walked daily. Free range peacocks roam proudly in the next door neighborhood. We are seeking a partridge in a pear tree.