Visit Us

We are delighted that you’d like to come visit our beautiful community.

Please keep in mind that this 5-acre piece of land is our home. We are conscious of visitors in the same way that you are when you’re at home, and we would like you to follow a few guidelines:

– Please contact us through to arrange a tour at least 48 hours in advance of your expected visit.

– Please do not arrive on the property without contacting us first.

– We will be happy to discuss cohousing life and upcoming events.

– On many Tuesday and Saturday evenings, we share a community meal. If you would like to participate, please request additional information at the time you schedule your tour.

Please note: Because we value our privacy, if you visit without making the above arrangements, you may be asked to return at a time that can be arranged.

Please visit our Directions page for address, etc.

Thank you!