The Dunes

Just a mile away from Tierra Nueva are the dunes… not the dunes with four-wheel-drive vehicles driving around – these are the walking dunes that we enjoy without fear of cars. They are usually deserted. You can walk on them for hours without seeing people and it feels like you’re on a moonscape.

Here are directions from Tierra Nueva:

– Go down Tierra Nueva Lane until you dead-end at Cienaga (Highway 1)
– Turn right
– Turn left at 22nd Street
– Cross bridge and the railroad tracks
– Turn right at Silver Spur (immediately after tracks)
– Turn left at Welcome to Pismo Dunes RV Park sign
– Turn right at the stop sign next to the RV Park office
– Follow the road up and to the far end of the RV park. You’ll see parking on the right side (unless it’s a busy summer day).
– Walk through the small entry way into the beautiful dunes!

People walk their dogs on the dunes, so be careful of little presents the dog owners don’t pick up. Also, if it’s early morning you might want to wear shoes (though it’s tempting to go barefoot on the sand) since the sand is very cold. Conversely, in the heat of the day the sand is known to get incredibly hot.

Enjoy the dunes! They’re our own Oceano treasure!

Sunset Oceano California

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